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Hello everyone,

I was just diagnosed with ADD yesterday and I feel like I graduated from something. I'm 25 and one of those overlooked daydreamers, and how I ever managed to finish school and get into university or anything for that matter is a complete mystery to me. This puts so many things in perspective. Finally I can stop beating myself up about all the things I'm not doing and start giving myself a big big pad on the shoulder and a "well done" to go with it for getting this far in spite of everything.

So...I'm kinda new to all this, and then again not. I have been secretely stalking this forum for quite a while after randomly ending up here in one of those crazy surfing-the-internet-for-useles-info spells I get. I have the Google syndrome. I swear, Google was made for people like me, it's amazing, you just click and click and click and it feels like actually watching your own ramble except you're also getting some kind of input.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to get to here is that I want to say a HUUUUGE thank you to everyone in this forum, because without you, I would've still been lying on the floor in the catastrophic mess which is my apartment, banging my head against the wall trying to stop my head from speaking to me (yea, I and my flat are still a big mess, but at least I've stopped the banging ;)) When I first came here, I was just really into reading what everyone had to say about anything, I was so amazed (still am) at how well-written, clever, humorous, sympathetic and compassionate all these entries of yours are. Also, there's a long history of mental illness in my family and I've found it a lot easier coping with it after finding this little treasure box. Then one day though, this specific forum really caught my attention (heh), it read:Could You Say That Again? I Was Listening to My Head.

This really cracked the nut and here I am-

KUDOS to whoever came up with that sentence!

So again, THANK YOU all for helping me get my diagnosis, giving me a good read on all those nights I can't fall asleep, helping me get closer to my MI family members, thanks for being so mindblowingly AWESOME!

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We try.

Not very hard sometimes.

Oh, who am I shitting? We'll all here because we're the bad kids who got banned from the reputable loony forums full of very serious people.

If you can't laugh about the fact that life sucks and you want to die, what can you laugh about?

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You can laugh about the people taking themselves and everything else way too seriously. But it's more fun to laugh about both.

Welcome to the forum. I do the Google thing too. Apparently most people don't look beyond the top half of the page of results. Think of all the low-key entertainment they're missing...

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Aww, you're making us blush. ;)

I agree though, I have found so much here to relate to, laugh at, and be supported by - including the occasional "what the hell are you thinking" slap upside the head when it was called for - I love CB too.

And the forum names and descriptions rock. I laughed just reading those, when I first got here.

Welcome. Glad you decided to stop stalking and join us. :)

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I was craving cookies last night, so this topic stopped me cold. Cookies, Yum.

I'm also new here, as a poster, not a lurker. I stumbled across this site years ago and then forgot about it. I blame that on the fact I've been sleeping through life lately. It's my latest "excuse" du jour. ;)

Actually, now that the doctor gods have finally figured out I have narcolepsy everything makes sense. For almost twenty years I've been diagnosed with depression or some variation thereof, but no meds helped. I never felt really depressed until I got so damned tired and I would get in trouble in my jobs, so who wouldn't get down and out. Well, Parnate did kind of work. It kept me mostly awake, so I have been walking around half-fixed for over a decade. Now the blood tests confirm I'm missing the neuropeptide that regulates my sleep and stuff. I have fucking proof I am NOT just lazy. Woo hoo. Of course, that doesn't help clean up the mess my life has become over the past two years. Long story...short version: Had wreck, got Cat Scan, found aneurysm in my ascending aorta, took me off Parnate due to hypertensive bullshit, life fell apart, starting having muscle spasms, saw neurologist, nothing wrong, back on Parnate so I could work and have a life, didn't work as well so upped dose to 80 mg day, kept me sane/awake enough to barely work but not much else, went to sleep clinic, told I had sneep apnea, knew I dind't so didn't go back, shrink said must be "thinking problems" since no meds work (have tried over 23 in my life) so sent me to mandated counseling, was told most likely have chronic fatigue syndrome and told my thinking was A ok, got fed up and quit job, living on severance package until next month, sleeping and no stress did not help. Had brunch with friend and had most surreal conversation with her, she was in my brain, she is narcoleptic, I swore I wasn't but went back to sleep clinic regardless, saw different doctor. Low and behold, I am narcoleptic and just didn't have some symptoms due to Parnate keeping me wired. Now only on Provigil and it's not cutting it. My cats love me because I sleep like they do. Seeing sleep doc today and hoping he can help me. Been sleeping so much I got depressed. However, the no life, sleeping like Rip van Winkle comes BEFORE the depression. Who woulda thunk it? My fiance, that's who. He said depression was not my problem, and thankfully he's supportive beyond belief.

And yes, I know the grammar is way fucked up. Get over it. You wanted the short version, right?

Now, back to those cookies......

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