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Dermatologists - Taking us seriously?

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Am I crazy, or isn't it fairly normal for people with depression and BP disorders to have skin / hair problems? A study by dermatologists in England (http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1365-2133.1981.tb00746.x?cookieSet=1&journalCode=bjd)

found patients who had:

On face: burning, intense itching and hirsutes

On scalp: excessive hair loss and intense irritation

On genitals: itching, excessive redness, burning and discomfort, which in three instances prevented the patient sitting

But here is the kicker: all of the patients were found to be "crazy" because there was "no significant objective dermatological pathology on examination"

Whoa! Instead of saying, "Hey! I wonder if there is a common biological mechanism which ties together the symptoms of certain MI and these dermatology symptoms", they dismiss the complaints as "nuts", and "non-existent". Would they do the same to a cancer patient? A kidney patient?

There is certainly a KNOWN relationship between some MI medications and the above symptoms. And we know MI alone messes up one's hormones. So it seems logical that the sensitive dermatological systems would be adversely affected.

OK, I am too cheap to buy the full article and maybe they do go into more detail there about checking for drug side effects and hormone problems. Or a possible biological linkage between dermatology and psychiatric symptoms. And it is good that if a patient shows up first in a dermatology office, they get referred right away to appropriate MI care. But how long do we have to keep being told symptoms don't exist, when they do? Even if one has psychosis, at least say, "I understand you see pink elephants in the window, but it is the chemicals in your brain sending you wrong signals causing that problem. It is not your fault. Other people who have your illness have the same problem and we are working hard to fix those dang neurotransmitters." Or something.

Am I wrong?

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