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I've been given Sertraline....

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I made it to my appointment with the pdoc and he has put me on Sertraline(50mg)and told me to wean myself off the Mirtazapine(which is fine with me).

What I would like to know is other peoples experiences of Sertraline, good and bad. I've read the information leaflet but it's not the same as hearing from someone with actual experience.

Thanks everyone,


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hey there,

I've been taking it for about a year (at different dosages) and I think it's an important part of my cocktail-- but I would never rely on it just on it's own. Keep in mind that this is me, and it works really well for some people--but at the point I started it, I had been on wellbutrin xl 300mg for about 6 months and it had stopped working a few times, so they added the zoloft. I thought it wasn't working. It made me sleepy in the beginning (that went away in a few weeks) but had no other side-effects at all. I started at 25..then 50...then 75..then 100mg and that's where we stopped. I still thought that it wasn't doing a thing and called it a 'sugar pill'-- so 6 months later, when my new pdoc asked me if I wanted to taper off of it, I jumped at the chance. Two weeks of 50mg and I stopped. Two days later:


It was scary as hell.

Apparently, it had been doing a WHOLE lot without my knowledge..I spent 3 days crying and not moving from my bed (going from pretty well and happy to practically suicidal almost overnight) before I figured out that it was probably the zoloft. duh. a few days back on 50mg and the nut-job who had taken over my body moved out. a few more weeks, and back up to 100, I was FINE. So annnyway, what I'm trying to say I guess is give it a try and keep your mind open. I wouldn't give it up now for anything, I think it's stronger than the wellbutrin at keeping me afloat and steady. I'm at 150mg now and doing great, goodluck, I hope it's the med for you!


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Well, it didn't do much for me, but I only stayed on it for about two weeks. It didn't seem to be doing much so after two weeks, I switched to something else. In retrospect, I didn't give it enough of a chance. My last pdoc said you should try a drug for at least six weeks before giving up.

Hm... I also had a boyfriend a while back who was on sertraline. His father, who was a psychiatrist, prescribed it for him. It was all a little warped, but he (the boyfriend) seemed satisfied with the medication.

I hope it works for you.

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