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Welcome to the Spirituality Board Update

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Welcome to the Spirituality Board. This board is intended for discussion of how our experience of spirituality or religion has influenced, or been influenced by, our mental illness. Discussions of religion tend by nature to stir controversy and disagreement, so we are laying down some ground rules here at the start.

1. Tolerance will be the watchword for this board. We each have a right to believe and worship as we please on this board. You don't have to agree with everything someone else posts, but we will respect the poster's right to his or her beliefs. We will not tolerate personal invective, insults, sniping, surliness, bad-mouthing, or any other kind of slight or slur. Leave the flaming for the burning bush.

2. There will be no proselytizing on this board. I don't personally appreciate conversion attempts, and to do so shows a lack of respect for the other person's right to an alternate belief. See rule no. 1. Proselytizing will get you banned, just like spamming.

3. There is a point at which human knowledge is incomplete, and possibly unobtainable. This, by definition, is the threshold of faith. Science and Belief are two equally valid ways of addressing the world, within their discrete spheres, and are not mutually exclusive. By posting to this board, you agree to be open-minded.

4. Realize, pursuant to (3) above, that because issues of faith are not, by definition, subject to proof, that any post a member makes is ipso facto a statement of opinion. Do not gripe that the poster "did not begin his sentence with 'In my opinion'" (Yes, I've had this happen).

5. If you're going to quote the Bible, Torah, Quran, or other holy text, be damn sure you know your apples, or expect to be blown out of the water by those who do.

6. Moderation of this board will assume a centrist position and will not favor any one faith (or unfaith) over another. This is not to say, however, that the moderators will not express their personal beliefs. If you're a satanist, for example, I respect your right to choose that, but I'm also going to feel free to tell you that IMHO blood-drinking marks you as loonier than the average nutjob unless you're actually trying to pick up a blood-borne pathogen.

7. Do not PM the mods to complain that another member has posted a belief that offends you. See rule no. 1. If someone is trying to convert you, even if it's off-board by PM or whatever, or if someone is being abusive, bust 'em. But don't come whining to us if you don't like the fact that somebody capitalized God (yes, I've had this happen, too) or used "you" instead of "thou". Don't even.

8. We will not entertain posted prayers, such as novenas. Publish elsewhere. That is not the purpose for this board. They will disappear into the ether as soon as we see them. Remember, when you post, you are addressing the members, not the deity.

In this vein, we must also ask you to please refrain from "prayer request" type posts. By all means feel free to post them elsewhere, such as in your personal signature line or as part of your other posts, etc.

9. The moderators reserve the right to add to or amend these rules at any time and without notice (though we'll always try to make an announcement) as situations arise or other pearls of wisom occur to us.


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Of late it seems some clarification of the rules is called for. The Spirituality board requires some special rules of discourse because of the volatile and often deeply personal nature of its subject matter. The intent of these rules is to establish an environment based on common assumptions so we don't end up knifing each other to death. When you decide to post in Spirituality, you agree to the following:

1. It's pointless to argue Faith vs Science or vice-versa; the former is not subject to proof, and the latter demands proof. They are incompatible by definition. If you insist of arguing one against the other, you're just arguing.

2. Don't walk in here with a chip on your shoulder or an axe to grind. Tolerance is paramount here. When you join in on Spirituality, you agree to be tolerant. Very. Tolerant. As in thick-skinned.

3. Any post made here is de facto a statement of personal opinion, yours as well as theirs, and no one's opinion will be held more valid than anyone else's here. I'm not interested in hearing that someone's opinion has offended you, because that's just another way of asserting that your opinion is superior. Also, see 2, above.

4. Proselytizing, for our purposes here (and indeed for most sensible purposes) means that someone is actively trying to persuade you to abandon your belief system in favor of another. Stating that "Jesus is the answer" is not proselytizing; remember, it's a statement of opinion. Saying, "You are dead wrong in your belief that Mary is a divine intercessor, the Pope is just a man in a funny hat, and Catholics aren't really Christians - you should become a Baptist if you want to be Saved" is proselytizing. Saying "If you call upon [deity], [deity] will answer" is not necessarily proselytizing; first, it's a statement of opinion, and second, use of the second-person 'you' is to be charitably understood in the sense of 'one' - "If one calls upon [deity]..."; however, if a member repeatedly or aggressively addresses such comments to an individual, that commenter may be subject to moderation. It has to be personal, and it has to be with the active intent to change your beliefs; otherwise, don't come whining about it.

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