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been dreading tomorrow's pdoc appt. have been turning this thing around and around in my head, reading everything available to get some insight.

i can not put it to words very well but here goes nothing. this doc want's me to cease the hypnotic and benzo sleepers and go to seroquel. it has been 15 years or better since i was rx'd that and although i can not remember why, i did guit it promptly. have no idea of the dose that was prescribed back then.

it's the unwanted, intolerable side effects scuffle that i am anxious about. we all are! are there members that have stayed at a very low dose and copped some quality sleep w/o packing on the fat or barking at the moon, etc?

pdoc has other plans for me above and beyound seroquel but i think that's for another day here.


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the only intolerable side affect that I rememeber from seroquel is that right before or as you are feeling sedated, your sinuses clog, so you will need some nasal spray handy, and maybe even one of those nose strips. Seroquel is great for sleep. Even Ambien doesnt knock me out the way that Seroquel did. GREAT SLEEP.

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you are quite accurate in that prior S prescription could not fit the time window that i posted.

too many meds started and stopped, not recorded and run through the mental mixmaster is my style.


snotsies were right there first night at 25. sore throat from mouth breathing. probably trumpeting must have been world class racket as well.

up to 50 and the above side effects have diminished. but sleep not as effective now. could be the addition of lamictal, as directed, busting it up. it would seem that i would be ahead of the game if i keep S dose low. too many meds and the associated confusion that comes with.

S does make me sleep far longer than ambien/benzos but lacks the sledge hammer dive into unconsiousness. will hang with seroquel and try to keep a handle on doseage.

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