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brown generic wellbutrin sr

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ive been on generic WB for over a year. ive used the off-white to yellow-ish non-coated round pills. ive used the white coated pills. my new prescription contains brown round pills. that kind of wigs me out cuz ii wasnt expecting brown and brown is EWWWWWW!!!!

theyve all been bupropion sr 150mg. i dont remember the manufacturer of the off white non coated ones. my white coated ones are from watson. the brown ones are from sandoz.

anyone else take brown 150mg WB? i wanna make sure these are really the right pills. i used mail order through my insurance for the 1st time and thats how i got the brown pills.

anyone else?

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Check this:


I searched for bupropion/round/brown; and did come up with one listing for Sandoz Laboratories, Eon Division:

Drug Name

Bupropion Hydrochloride SR


200 mg




Manufacturer / Distributor

Sandoz Laboratories, Eon Division

Wellbutrin/round/brown pulled up other brown pills, but nothing from Sandoz.

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Yes, I think they're legit as I get the same thing - Bupropion SR 150MG and they are purplish brown. I agree, it's an icky color. I wish they were another color but I'm managing to take them. I once told my shrink that I simply could not take any pills that were pink and she respected my wishes which was cool of her.

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