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Issues with Mom...


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Welcome.. I hope you like it here.

It sounds like a pretty difficult thing to handle, especially considering what you've had to deal with in yourself in the past. Congratulations on overcoming it by the way - that's not an easy thing to do! The best advice I can give is to try and distance yourself from her and her actions. Her issues belong to her.. not you. You can't force her to act any differently or get help she doesn't want. She may be Bipolar.. then again, she may not. She does seem to show some sides of it though. I wonder if her doctor knows this or not.. (Prozac and Wellbutrin are not generally BP meds) Ultimately, the only thing you have control over is yourself. Try not to get too involved in the rest if you don't have to.

If she is BP, that could definitely explain her mood towards you at the moment.. but it doesn't excuse it.

I hope it get's better for you.

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Any advice would be great. I'm afraid that my mom's "crazy" behavior is starting to affect me in a negative way. I managed to overcome my prior depression (however it never goes away) med free through lots of behavior exercises and strict therapy...(i'm kinda afraid of meds in general) and i'm really hoping this doesn't make me slip...


Hi Rockstar -

Sorry things aren't going well for you right now. I'm impressed that you were able to pull out of a depression drug free, but if you think you're slipping, my advice is to get to a good psychiatrist and investigate some meds. They are a bit scary, but they do work and help lots of us here. I'd have been dead a long time ago if it wasn't for anti-depressants, and since I've had five episodes of major depression, I'll be on maintenance meds for the rest of my life.

If you notice you're starting to miss work and spending too much time on the couch zoned out, I hope you'll consider visiting a psychiatrist. I have learned the hard way that it's better to get to the doctor sooner rather than later. It's much more difficult to get well if you've slid all the way to the bottom of the abyss before you seek help. Hope things go better for you soon. Let us know how it's going with you.


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Have you ever thought about going to a therapy doctor? I can understand the aversion to meds. I was like that for a long time. However, getting help to try to deal with the current situation and others wouldn't be a bad thing. I know I always looked for support when times got hard.. a second opinion so to speak. Tdocs are also trained to deal with patients who use meds.. so it could be used as a way to gauge weather or not to give some a try. (They really aren't as scary as they appear to be.. I've never had any dulling or personality changes on them) They can also be taken temporally to get you over a difficult time, and then you could go back to managing on your own. It's at least something to think about. You could also gain more support and insight on how to deal with your mother...

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