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If I Knew Who I WAS, I Certainly Wouldn't Be Me!

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Hi, I just staggered in off the street and promptly fell down laughing at the humor in this place!

Is there anything in life any better than crazy people with a terrific sense of humor? Well, maybe Monty Python--no wait, they were (are?) crazy people with a terrific sense of humor!

So to answer my own question--nope, not a thing better.

Unless you're depressed, which I am sometimes. But I generally get over it. And then I start making bad jokes again and everyone around me wishes I would just go back to being depressed.

Sometimes just for the sheer joy of it I start screaming and throwing things, loving people one minute, feeling not spectacularly fond of them the next--and this gets me labelled "borderline". Which sucks, but at least "Girl, Interrupted" is cool and when people find out they think I must have had tons of lovers, which is really kind of flattering when you think about it.

I like to hoard stuff-any thing will do-and I have to keep my paws clean, which earned me another lovely label--OCD. OCD. OCD. O--thanks, I needed that! (Damn broken record OCD OCD OCD O-thanks again!)

Let's see, what else makes funny noises when I accelerate?

Some pdocs have thought I might be mildly bipolar-why, just because I've been hospitalized 7 or 8 times--and I have a sense of humor sometimes? (When I'm not being depressed?)

There's a couple of other things but I've hit you over the head with enough for now.

And don't worry--I seldom bite, and my rabies vaccines are up to date.

If you enjoy howling at a full moon too, maybe we could go out sometime for pizza or something? Only I ain't giving out my name or address--you're a total stranger, I was once diagnosed with Paranoid Personality Disorder and why on earth should I trust you?

You might be even crazier than I am!!! ;)

BTW I am very happy to be here!

Wherever here is. :)

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Hello and welcome from another southern belle. ;) Er, my husband would take issue with the "southern" part, in spite of the fact that I'm a native, because I don't really talk like a southerner.

Anyway, welcome. :)

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