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Panic attacks

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So, life has been generally horrible. There's a bunch of junk going on; everyone and everything seems to be dying around me. I'm depressed, and I'm bipolar and cycling. My eating disorder keeps trying to come back, and I've been self injuring. I've got a new pdoc and I'm not sure that I trust him, or really like his treatment plan.

I've been having intense panic attacks, particularly in the morning or right before work. I already quit one job a month ago because I couldn't face the mornings and the panic. I just started another job and really need money to be able to eat. I've long since run out of ativan and the new pdoc doesn't like to use it because of potential addiction problems, and so he won't prescribe any. Lately I've been harming myself as a way of stopping the attacks, it works but really isn't a good solution. The pdoc knows this, but seems to have some mysterious plan that's going to fix things... except I don't understand what the plan is, and how it's supposed to help me right NOW.

I'm desperately trying to think of med based options I can discuss with him next week to help me gain some control over the panic and anxiety. Once there's an opening in the therapy groups I'll be going, but in the meantime it's just me desperately trying to cope. Any suggestions, med wise or things I can do at home would be greatly appreciated. Any of the benzos seem to be out, he even wants to pull me off of the clonazepam that I've been on for three years. I think I deserve a little credit, I've been on the same dose and never abused it for three entire years.

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Sucks the doctor won't give you benzos. Klonopin has really helped me but in fairly high doses (5mg / day). Have you tried anticonvulsants such as Neurontin or Lyrica for anxiety? It seems to help some people.


I like gabitril and lyrica combo. Thinking of adding an atypical AP in there too. I am on luvox but it's starting to affect my orgasm (or lack thereof!). May have to quit that.

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How about non-med suggestions?

Yoga. This is free in a lot of clubs or workout places. It helps control breathing and you find yourself doing it naturally during an attack where you tend to hold your breath.

Walking. Again - free. And it does the above. Plus if you swing your arms, you are doing a crude form of EMDR, which is very helpful for anxiety.

You mentioned an eating disorder, but you didn't say which way. Eat as healthy as possible, and cut out alcohol, cigs, and booze.

These are some things you can try that will help with your anxiety. It won't stop a panic attack right away, but if you keep up with this stuff, you'll stop having panic attacks.


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