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help for a cousin

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he's an only child, and has never been mr. popular. actually, he has no friends, because mom and grandma wont let him go out to play with other kids.

some time ago he went thru some sort of ED that made him lose 20 kg or so, but now he's stable.

but recently he got expelled from school because he carried a knife in his backpack to defend himself from the bullies that are always pickin on him.

he is extremely afraid of people. and i think he's developing some sort of PD. i'm not a psych or anything, but being myself a MI i think i can recognize when it's something serious from when it's something age-related like bullying or so.

he's seeing a t this week. but i'm worried about him and his reaction.

how can we know he got social phobia? only a psych can tell?

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