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first day vailum free

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hey ya'll  well no valuim for julia today. siezers started in around noon and didnt; quit tell ,,well tonight.  did take a nap this afternonn from being so worn out and all that good shit. finially this evening I had aaron make me a drink, cuz we are down to only a few diagnoses as everthing ealse has been ruled out.  i am diagnosed with psudo epilepsy, but the drink works and my little journal for the therapist today was ,,,,,very hostile.  The drink did work though so i am doing good, better then i was,,,on the stupin scale of one to ten, then being worste, i hit way over ten when i asked aaron to get me  a drink, my next appt. is the 19th and i am not sure i will live that long like this, my brain will turn to jello and come running out my ears.  I am going to have mom call them tuesday if i am still in purgatory and see what the hell i am supposed to do now.  for the most part i was pretty nonfuntional, i pushed myself as hard as i could to do thinhsss around the house and otuside, finally gave it up and went to bed,,,,tried to finish a new julies rant,,,i do the poetry thing,,,just got back into writing, but now i cant write cuz i am a lefty and my left side is always the worst.  I also developed something new today. voice tremmor or siezer i don't know what the hell to call it, but even though my body andmy head calmed down, i was stuttering and very hard to understand, this sucks,, you know that.

If any of you are not offended easily, you should go out and by the ron white, they call me tator salad dvd.  there is a part in there about a plain crash and he's been drinking sinccene nnoon and is like take her down, i don't want to limp away from this, you everhad one of those days,,,,,,,,,,i did today.

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