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I'm mom to a 9yo boy, stepmom to a teenaged boy and girl, and a chemist, but not currently working. After many years with dx of MDD, ADD and GAD, and many, many meds, two years ago I got a new pdoc and a new dx: Bipolar NOS and ADD. Until last week, I thought I only had depressive and mixed episodes, but I have now discovered what I thought was anxiety was actually manic. Before the episode, I was on 600 and 900mg of Lithobid on alternating days, 5mg of Abilify, Klonipin .5mg prn and 10mg Adderall XR. Now I take 5mg Zyprexa, Lithobid 900mg daily, 1mg Abilify and 30mg Vyvanse (or at least will be when it's clear I'm calmed down enough for stimulants).

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