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Adderall XR Withdrawl!

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i get my meds for free through the drug companies, including my adderall from shire. i didn't realize (dumbass me) that i had to send them a new application and script every 6 months to keep up my free adderall. i went to the pharmacy to get it, and they told me they couldn't give it to me unless i paid full price, because the card had run out.


so in the meantime, i contacted my pdoc and tried to get the application in. it generally takes shire a few days to process an application. i told them i was going to have withdrawl unless they hurried, but it doesn't seem like it really matters to them.

the first couple of days were surprisingly fine. i thought i was out of the woods. then, last night, it hit me. i had horrible shakes, cold sweating, a fever, headache from hell, and threw up. i couldn't sleep.

i was about ready to go to the hospital when i remembered that my pdoc wanted me to take Z if i had an emergency before going to the hospital, so i thought gee, why not. i took 5mg of Z.

somehow, it took the edge off the withdrawl symptoms and put me to sleep. i didn't take any today, but it's there if i need it.

why did Z help?i can understand it making me sleepy, but i've never heard of it being used for withdrawl. i just tried it because my pdoc wanted me to always try it before going to teh hospital. that's confusing for me. any ideas as to why? have you heard of Z being used for this purpose?

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thankfully, it seems that i'm through the withdrawl. i'm not showing symptoms of it anymore and i feel a lot better. my pdoc is helping me get ahold of a new supply from shire. in the meantime, i'm just flighty like usual! :);)

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