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biopolar or not?

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I am new to the forum, so excuse if I am posting in the wrong place.  I am looking for some help and guidance from others.

I have suffered depression since 16.  I am now 39.  In the past year I have lost alot of time off work.  I am noticing I am up for a couple of weeks and down for a couple of weeks.  Sometimes crying in the morning and really down, then up again. I have been on numberous medications to try and contol my depression but they all seem to poop out on me.  I have been on lexapro for about 3 months. Having highs and lows.

I see a psychologist every 4 weeks and she is seeing a pattern.  She has thought I might be "biopolar 2".  Not exactly able to pin point the difference between that and being "biopolar".. I have periods of highs followed by restlessness, extremely sociable, obsessive cleaning......for about a couple of weeks, then pow.....extreme exhaustion that precipitates crying and major despair, can't go to work, can't do shit.

I was thinking it was hormonal possibly. My husband and son notice I am very mean and nasty during the down times, and very loving and great to be around during the highs. 

Can anyone shed some light on this topic, I just do not really know what I have. 

Libby, I have been reading your entries, can you help me?


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I was finally diagnosed bipolar2 a couple years ago after having many different antidepressant/combos poop out on me.  I started taking a mood stabilizer (Trileptal) and, lo and behold, the AD's finally worked and kept working!  Sounds to me like your psychologist might be onto something.  Can she refer you to a psychiatrist?

Oh, and yeah, my hormones have a terrible effect on my moods.  I don't think hormones could be completely responsible for what you describe, but they're quite likely a factor. There's a good thread on that topic over on the NOS board (which links to an even longer thread on the archived board):  http://www.crazyboards.org/index.php?showtopic=1806 

Welcome to the big tent of crazy!  If you get a chance, read through the stickies above, and other people's posts, and you may just "find yourself" here, like many others before you.  ;)

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If you google "bipolar"  there's a ton of links to vaguely describe what BP 1 and Bp 2 are like.  I say vaguely b/c its just a short list of symptoms.  Look around on other people's posts, I know there's alot of BP 2's on this forum. 

Nice to meet you!  I'm sure you will fit in great with this group of quacks.


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Thanks for your input ladies.

I have been diagnosed by the pdoc with GAD and depression disorder.  I am now on paxil/ lexapro/ seroquel. 

I am extremely thankful to have this forum.  When you are "alone" in a sense, it is great to know there are others out there like me. It is the centre of my attention these days. 

Take care.

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