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Wellbutrin and bad skin -- was it the dopamine?

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Hi all,

While I was on Wellbutrin I had really, really bad skin. My skin has always been good all my life, and for the one year I was on Wellbutrin it was horrible. Since I switched back to Prozac in Jan 2007 my skin has been totally fine.

I am switching to Moclobemide in 7 weeks. I am scared that Moclobemide will make my skin bad. I'm thinking, was it more likely the dopamine in Wellbutrin that did it? Or the norepinephrine?

Is there anything in Moclobemide that could do the same thing? Maybe I just don't understand how Moclobemide works really.


Spring x0

PS - also, Wellbutrin made my hair fall out. don't know which that could have been either, norepi or dopamine? any thoughts?

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