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antidepressants that do not play nice with Lithium

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Hello again

If you have been hanging out at all on the bipolar - the pole dance - board, you may have read about my exciting trip to the ER last tuesday and all the fun craziness that followed. Basically, I had drug interactions that went all over the place, and I pretty much ended my newly started Lithium, plus some meds that my PCP gave me. On Wed. I go back to see my pdoc (who held my hand wonderfully during my illness by taking my calls at her house all day and evening) and we try to reconfigure meds and get me back up and running. Currently I am hanging on with my Paxil, Seroquel, Zanax and my night-night med - Ambien.

Anyway, I am really hoping to go back onto the lithium if possible, which has led me to do some more research on drug interactions. I am using Medscape's drug interaction website to check on interactions for all my drugs now. My new obsession will be putting any new meds into that drug calculator. When I add Lithium into the mix, it shows Paxil as being a level 3 threat (moderate). So, without crazymeds.us to translate medical mumbo-jumbo on contraindications of SSRI's and Lithium, I thought I would stop in and ask if anyone can tell me which ADs are safeĀ® with Lithium. I was and am doing Paxil with the Lithium (and the other tangle of odd meds) before my trip to the ER but was unaware of any potential problems. I want to carefully discuss the Paxil/Lithium issue with my pdoc. I know she knows what she is doing, but I do want to have the ability to ask questions.

So, could someone help me out with a brief list of "good" ADs for lithium users so I don't tear my hair out trying to read and re-read the info that is written in that secret medical language?

Thanks a million, Avis

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SNRI - Wellbutrin can make a person sweat more.

As long as the person on the combination stays hydrated, there shouldn't be an increased risk of lithium toxicity. Both medications can lower a person't seizure threshold, but aside from warnings on medications checkers (i.e., in theory) I'm not sure that it's posing that many problems in practice.

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Thank you for the information. I am on a low dose 12.5mg of Paxil since the trip to the ER incident. Was at 25mg and liking it a lot but no real problems with the basic dose for the time being. Don't want to have to change anything tomorrow other than getting back on the Lithium so will just keep the paxil in place as is ... unless pdoc has other concerns.

I know I am getting obssessed with drug interactions, etc. but I am still reeling from last week.

Thank you all for your info.

I will stop by with a report after I see my pdoc tomorrow.

Regards, Avis

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