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this is just for my own benefit

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okay, the pdoc dreamed up a brand new freakin bunch of med changes i am to carry out over the next few months before i can see him again.

my brain is totally addled by the lamotrigine right now. it's REALLY hard to spell right and i can't understand math very well.

so i'm going to write it here so i don't lose it and if there is what looks like a big honking mistake, someone might point it out before i actually follow the instructions hehe :

Nov 15 - 75 mg effexor xr

Dec 15 - go to 37.5 mg effexor xr

stay there until January.

wellbutrin XL stays the same at 300 mg.

not letting him pry that from my cold dead hands.

Nov 15 - 100 mg lamotrigine

Dec 01 - 125 mg lamotrigine

Dec 15 - 150 mg lamotrigine

stay there til further instructions.

Nov 15 - 2 mg clonazepam

Dec 15 - 1.5 mg clonazepam

Dec 30 - 1 mg clonazepam

Jan 15 - .5 mg clonazepam

(dosages can be altered by me as needed, this is just a taper schedule for when i don't need it anymore. he gave me a huge script of this stuff.)

synthroid stays same at .1 mg.

okay i think i got them all right that he said. i can't read his damned prescription very well (of course.... doc's handwriting).

damn i feel overwhelmed at getting this right. i can't even get the damned date right half the time.

(edited because i DID get it wrong, dammit. fucking lamotrigine brainfarts.

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