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Shuttle Anxiety

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I grew up with the space program

dragged in front of our

black'n'white to see

the first manned launch,

clear to the moon.

The Shuttles were special.

I watched the launches when I could

Loved the smooth landings

Then disaster

and another

This next shuttle goes up on my B-day

I find myself very tense


eating the K

to quit worrying

I'm in knots over this.

PTSD or Anx?


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IMHO, the space program has been downhill since Apollo. It won't help at all to worry, but the shuttle is obviously dangerous and obsolete. (When I read about its development, I had decided it was going to be a dangerous machine, but had almost decided otherwise when the first crash happened.)

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Hey Ido,

I feel better ,now

they scrubbed the launch

I think it may be the

utterly trapped and


of the shuttle crews when

it goes bad

that bothers me

a claustrophobe

and etc


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