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Zonegran-gaining weight like crazy

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I am on Depecoke and a variety of other drugs including ZONEGRAN. I am stable as far as mood goes more or less after three hospitalizations (2 partial), and am having SEVERE GI problems after 2 months on the depekote but feel that I think I want to stay on the depekote, not sure�as,

I am gaining weight like a G-D MF I am only 5�2 and it is not pretty to be fat and adds to the depression. And was hoping that the Zonegran would counter-effect the depekote. I am taking 1.25 mg of the Z and want to up the dose to 200-600mg per day (note that my pdoc sees me and tells me to take what ever dose I want and he will call it in,) Maybe I can replace the depacoke with the zonegran if I get the dose higher,

Any thoughts

Thank you.


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