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Hey everyone,

I am new to this board, and to the wide wonderful world of psychiatric medicine. I have recently (as in last week) been diagnosed with BPI and severe anxiety, with some pretty rapid cycling and/or a mixed state right now...I've been put on Lamictal, Klonopin for panic attacks, and Seroquel to sleep. I've been all over the place while adjusting to the medicine. I'm just a bit lost.

The worst part is that I am just about to finish my degree (in neuroscience, no less) and I'm at home trying to get stable...I'm so worried about finishing my degree and going on to grad school without falling apart and becoming a gibbering mess in the process. One of the first medicines I tried for depression was Celexa which triggered a manic, near-psychotic episode...which scared the fuck out of me.

Basically, I am glad that I found a support group like this...although my family is supportive, I'm not quite sure if they "get it" in terms of what's going on with me.

Anyway, that was probably far too much information for an introductory post, so I'll break it off here.

Greetings and salutations to all!

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Hey C8H11N

it is all possible. you will go to grad school and do well.

like you said a manageable stability is your first priority. gaps in your CV are usually not noticed early in your career. hang out with any first year students that came straight from undergrad, and you realize that people who took some time fare much better. admissions notices this trend too.

degrees finish, god i'm 20 pages of literary essays from it, but hell it might take a thrid semester, but i can still apply to grad schools and work in my field as if i have the degree in hand. paths are never straight

you are doing all the right things. worry itself will ensure that you complete. remember to take each day and recognize the limitations that will keep you healthy. and always CB will be here for you

welcome friend

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