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Obligatory intro

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I keep thinking, *don't nail me with lightning, don't nail me with lightning, don't nail me with lightning* as I drop in and say hello... cuz the rulez tell me to and I can have obedient moments.

I hope this board thingy works. I've been on lots of support sites that suck and this one claims to not suck so here I am. The crass GenXer humor here suits me, because I like my humor dark and spicy and I'm forty-sumpin so hopefully this is a good fit.

I'm a BPII rapid cycler, a dad with a kid with ADHD and another with BP. I'm not into the whole BP-as-problem model. More into the adaptive gene thing for attention different spectrum... love the archetype angle (BP: warrior, fire keeper whatever, ADD/HD: Hunter, Tourettes: Fearless Explorer, all that fun). I need a place to unload from time to time and to get a good laugh and to procrastinate when I'm supposed to be obedient and working (and I'm on strike at the moment so I supposedly have an excuse.... picket lines blow for me although I do my duty cuz I have to--I've been good at timing my participation when I'm on the up-surge of my cycle).

I am one of those whackos who use homeopathy (don't give a shite if it's really a placebo so long as it works), been down the trad-med/Big Pharma road too many years and a hunnert pounds ago (worked off 40 of 'em, 60 more to go), every side effect in the book, was crazier on them than I am off them. My mate likes me better when I can cycle a little (and work and earn money) and not be "numb," drooling or "flat." But I respect that they work for others, even my daughter, so I'm no alternative-only tyrant either. And my cynicism keeps me in line... mostly.

Okay that 'nuff? Off to the boards go I.... ;)

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