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New Part of Life

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Meds are kicking in, so I'll try my best to keep this reasonably coherent. Short story, male, 35 years old, with a long history of bipolar I and increasingly severe psychosis. Figured out something was different around twenty or so years ago. Tried to cope with it with varying degrees of failure. Finally got diagnosed and medicated. Went through the hospitalizatioins the game of spin the wheel to see what med it lands on this month and that oh so lovely game of "let's see what this drug does to your mind and body".

Made it through the life crashing down all around me phase, got through the crushing pain and doubt of if my life would ever involve more than sitting around on mom's couch and watching "Law & Order" reruns. And finally figured out trying to rebuild my "old life" brick by brick was an excercise in futility. So I got busy building mysel new and improved life from scratch.

I've finally got the foundations laid and to tell the truth, I'm liking the way things are fleshing out. (Oh wow, it's becoming hard to focus my eyes, let alone think through this Seroquel.)

I've seen hard times, so I'm not trying to salt anyones wounds, it's just if things were going much bettier I'd be on television late at night selling motivational tapes.

Come to think of it, I always thought that I could use bigger, brighter teeth.

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Welcome from another long term BP guy. BTW L, I thought it was: "Shovel full by shovel full, you can eat an elephant." Or am I mixing metaphors again?

No, it's "shovel full by shovel full the road to hell is paved..."


Never mind.

Welcome Gideon, genuinely glad to hear things are going so well for you.

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