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How do you do

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Ok, guys, I'm not exactly sure how to work this site... I don't really do things like this, but after doing a google search in an attempt to find out why my Lamictal was causing me to have crazy dreams, I found this website very very helpful and decided to join. I am 21, live in the US and work as a legal assistant. I know it sounds fancy, but it really isn't. I don't get paid crap and I got the job because my dad owns the lawfirm and they desperately needed help, so I took the job. Anywho-- I love kikis (cats) and all other animals. I am a vegetarian. Music is my passion and BJM is one of my favorite bands. I love making all types of art, but I am mostly into painting and collage art. I love rainbows and stars. On the crazy side, (since I suppose that is something people on this site want to know) I am an insomniac and have also been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder "NOS" (or "Not Otherwise Specified" whatever the eff that is suppose to mean...). I have very recently come to terms with and have admitted that I have an alchoholism problem (it runs in my family also), but I have not admitted this to a doctor yet nor have I recieved any treatment... I feel that this one is something I can hopefully overcome on my own. I hope that by using this site I can get intouch with others that have brain problems like me and that can understand why I do the things I do (ie. spending spree problems, mood swings, insomnia, extreme overreacting, et cetera et cetera). Thanks for reading. much love, -k.

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kikisforcupcakes--"how do you do" well i guess i'm doin' fine. that was certainly not the case when i found this fine, fine place.

welcome to the asylum and you will find some formidable, knowledgeable moon bats that will go out of their way to help.

as for lamictal driving you mad with disturbing (to say the least) dreams; four days after titrating up to 200, i was hallucinating and having night frights that scared me spitless.

it might have been the combination of ambien and L that did for me.

i have nothing but my back and other anatomical parts to show to long term ambien use.

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if you're ever having an "oops! my crazy is showing" moment,

this is the place to get support/understanding/whatever ya need.

welcome to CB, it's been so instrumental in me getting to the point I am now (not depressed for the first time in years--weird!) because damn were there a lot of hard moments along the way and I got some great insight here. or I could get a kick in the pants to get help if I needed it.

gotta love people that will kick you in the pants,

see you around the boards,


edited to add (duh) that I'm taking Lamictal as well, and although I'm only taking it for depression (see my cocktail in my signature below) and therefore I'm gonna stick at the low dose of 100mg (bipolar patients tend to need more than that) but the dream thing has always been a side-effect of medications for me. luckily with the wellbutrin xl that I started almost 2 years ago, that went away after a few months. for many people, side effects will wane or completely stop after a few weeks or months, especially when you reach a stable dosage. for me the really scary outlandish dreams ended after the first few weeks of Lamictal (I'm only on month two) but now I consistently have dreams that *feel* like reality. as in, I have to ask my friends if I had a certain conversation with them, or really mundane stuff, like I swear that I woke up in the middle of the night and my book was gone from the living room table. the next morning it was there. aargh. so frustrating. I don't know what kind of dreams you mean, but you might want to post on the side-effects board or anti-convulsant/mood stabilizer board with more details to get full responses from people. I seem incapable of writing a short post, so sorry, lol, you just got my full response.

welcome again ;)

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