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cold "cure"

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This could just be my mind, but once you have an ED, you DO

have one forever, right?

I know a cold can't "cure" you. I have been sick for about a week.

Either a low grade flu or a wicked bad cold. I can get out of bed, just can't

breathe. Or taste anything.

But I'm eating anyway.

Weird things that normal people eat, sandwiches and vegetables.

(I'm a sugar junkie)

And I'm relaying on my body to tell me when to eat this stuff.

My deal with staying in recovery is after that "honeymoon" part,

the part where your body still dosen't trust you, and just grabs everything

you put into it. Then I gain or my clothes don't fit, I panic, and I'm back into

ED-land again.

I've been to foucsed on getting over my cold to pay much attention

to my body size. Who needs clothes when your taking hot as hell showers

every hour to clear you nose?  ;)

I used to see every snezze as hope for weight loss.

I just hope when I CAN taste again, it stays like this.

And the really odd thing is, due to being in bed all day if I can,

I'm unmedicated. Wellbutrin xl 150 (binge eating) and effexor xl 300 (GAD).

I feel a bit better today, so I will take the meds again.

Any tips on how I can duct tape recovery to my ass this time?

thanks, (cough)


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