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Sprung from the Nut House!

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I was just hospitalized for another round of mixed mania. Lucky for me they got it under control and I only spent 5 days there. I'm happy to be feeling better and free!

Tell me about your hospital experiences. Good, bad? helpful, unhelpful?

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I debated over adding to this topic. I've been hospitalized for mental issues 4 times. The last was Spring of last year. I was in for 11 days. My longest time in yet. The other times I was in for cutting. This time I guess you'd say I had a nervous breakdown? No one says that anymore do they? I went to a respite first. It is a house you go to where you chill out. Very strict about things, like a hospital but you could walk away. I only got worse and I don't even really remember much about getting admitted to the hospital. I was put into the 'cream of the crop' of hospitals in Nashville. There are levels and the sickest go onto the bottom floor. I started out there and worked up.

Thanks to Risperdal and Geodon, I was a blubbering idiot on the bottom floor. Don't remember much. I was seeing things, hearing things, drooling. Staring into space a lot. Oh, and sleeping. Falling asleep in the groups.

Worked my way up to the other floors and gradually dropped drugs and/or decreased dosages. I started to feel a bit better and went to groups but still falling asleep during much of the time. I started writing.

I became friendly with several of the people there and loved most of the staff. Guess what? For a few days...I didn't want to go home. It felt safe. The last day I went back and forth between wanting to run out the door and wanting to cling to it. I was rather bummed that I didn't get to stay in touch with my buddies there. I guess it just never happens.

I've had a rough time of it lately. If it weren't for my daughter who has no one to care for her now, I'd have wanted to go back. I was cared for there. They wanted to put me in respite last week.

Cheers! And welcome home!


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