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Lamictal Lamotrigine - Possible rash issues

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Today, I'm not a happy camper. I've finally found something that I really think might help me, and I potentially have to remove it, I'm scared, frustrated and I'm ready to cry.

I started a slow Lamictal titration starting on October 25th. Here's my titration

1 - 12.5mg at night

2 - 12.5mg morning, 12.5mg night

3 - 12.5mg morning, 25mg night

4 - 25mg morning, 25mg night

5 - 25mg morning, 50mg night

6 - 50mg morning, 50mg night

7 - 50mg morning, 75mg night

8 - 75mg morning, 75mg night - This is where I am now.

At week 7, week of 11/18, I came down with a really bad virus. Ran through our entire house. Kids, wife, everyone got it. My throat was so bad that I was worried I had strep throat. Went to a clinic, where they didn't perform a throat swab, they said "We can do one, wait 1 - 2 days or just start with antibiotics now".

I took option 2, I haven't been on antibiotics for a long time, and I needed to get back to work. Not once did the doc figure I just had the virus that my entire family had, that I EXPLAINED to him and made sure he realized. But he said "Classic signs of strep". So off I went with Ammox. This is 11/21

Next day I had to go back to the clinic. Strep signs weren't improving, saw another doc, same clinic. This doc said "Hey, double the dose for 24 hours, get the stuff in your blood stream", also confirmed "looks like strep", no throat swab. 11/22

This was on a Wednesday that I got the antibiotics, I increased my Lamictal on the Thursday. I also doubled the dosage of my antibiotics on the same day, Thursday afternoon, 11/22

By Friday afternoon, 11/23, a few hours after my last double dose of amox I broke out in a rash from my legs, inner thighs, that spread within about an hour to my entire body. Itchy but not really anything else. Wife said it seemed a bit hot, but I didn't feel that - she thinks it was, so we don't know for sure.

Nothing in the rash, even up until now, confirmed with an emerg doc and my family doc says SJS, so that's fine.

However, I still have this rash. It's all over, on my arms, on my chest, on my back, covering my hands and I'm afraid it might be getting worse. It's not on my face, other than maybe one spot under my nose.

The itching was gone within about a week of stopping the antibiotic.

I COULD be mistaken that the rash is worse, I am wearing long sleeves and because it's not itchy now, I don't really notice it, but when it's warm in the house and I'm wearing short sleeves, I really see it.

It's not raised, and if I "spread" the skin around it, the rash "dissapears" - I had read about that somewhere, indicating a non-serious rash.

It's not really a rash that can be "felt", either. Testing, there's the slightest amount of roughness, but that could be my imagination and in all honesty, I think it might just be my fear.

They aren't, and never were, pimple based. It was just a huge area rash

On Monday, if the rash hasn't improved my family doc is going to proceed, but I'm scared - I'm scared of going off a medication that I think is finally helping me. I'm scared to have to potentially start from square 1 again and take it even slower. I know that if it is helping me, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

I've attached some pictures. If anyone can help, maybe provide some suggestions?





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Hey, Nick...

First, I see this is your first post. Welcome! I think you will find this to be a very useful online community.

Secondly, I also had a rash when I first started taking Lamictal. I had to laugh when I saw your photos--I also took some with my cell phone camera while stuck in traffic!

Now, my rash was not as extensive as yours. As I recall, it was on my hand, a small area of my arm and...somewhere else--maybe my chest. But it looked similar judging by your pictures and description.

I freaked out as well when I saw the rash. I called the pdoc's office and the nurse told me to stop Lamictal immediately. I did, as I was only taking a small amount. Then, I got through to the pdoc, and he said try again. I did, and I havn't had any problems since. I'm at 200 mg.

The standard disclaimer--I'm not a MD, this is just my experience.

You sound very careful and slightly anxious (like me!) and you're working with an MD on this. If Lamictal is helping you, take heart--sometimes a rash is just a rash, and not SJS. I wish you the best.

Take care,


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