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I started taking Abilify 5mg two weeks ago to help with a moderate depression and to finally get off of Zyprexa (5 years at 2.5mg) because my cholesterol and triglycerides have been steadily going up. Pdoc said to keep Zyprexa at 2.5 for two weeks, then drop to 1.25 (tonight) for a week, then d/c. I'm alreday having some problems falling asleep and waking up earlier than normal and not being able to go back to sleep since starting the Abilify. I've tried to taper off of Zyprexa before, and going below 1.25 is always hell.

Since Abilify is a dopamine antagonist/agonist, will it do a little of what the Zyprexa was doing? Or since it's primarily a D3 antagonist will I be in for a typical Zyprexa withdrawal? Abilify is activating for me with no akithisia or other s/e, except for the minor sleep problems, which leads me to believe it's doing more agonism at D2. Has anyone made this swtich before? How did it go? Thanks.

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