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Premature Ejaculation

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Guest Bi-Paul-ar

I have been having REALLY bad problems with premature ejaculation.  I am bipolar and am on the following medications:

750mg Lithobid

250mg Depakote

175mg Lamictal

400mg Tegratol

1 mg Ativan

Could any of these meds be causing this problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated by both myself and my wife, ha, ha.

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Try 50 milligrams of Zoloft before sex. Making it more difficult to have an orgasm which is what most complain about with SSRIs is exactly what you require.


Except that SSRIs generally cause mania in the bipolar.

How about keeping it simple (and non-pharmaceutical) and trying one of those oils that causes some "numbing." Whatever the stuff is they put in those "extended pleasure" condoms. Here... I just found the website (but unfortunately, it doesn't indicate the secret ingredient):


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