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as you know, i have been talking about the near nervous breakdowns i have been having.

i am officially doing about 93.5% better since then! yea!

i had tried lyrica samples before and it gave me a calming effect but i could not fill the prescription because my insurance would not approve it for anxiety.

well, my neurologist gave it to me for pain and i have felt great ever since. it is such a grounding effect. i can also talk better.

the other 6.5% lies in the fact that i can have some minor, not-so-often anxiety. which isn't bad and i do take about a half of zanax for. i do have some problems with focus and write some random number like 2349 when i meant 7610. stupid stuff.

i will just deal with some of the stoopids, which aren't much worse than before, after the holidays because it is a crazy time and i really can't blame the lyrica officially until after then.

but, i can tell you that lyrica has made getting through this crazy time much easier. i have always burned out from a lot of stimulation and when i pushed myself too hard and tried to do everything but now i do not feel like i am going to go crazy when i do so. (this happens most to me at christmas, but i just have to make sure to be honest to myself and take a break)

i just wanted to share my positive lyrica experience with you. i am not sure if it is addictive but i have heard it is dependent. i just want to make it a tool until i get to a place where i don't need it anymore (or the ambien cr! which, by the way, i have had some great nights sleep since taking the lyrica!)

i hope you have a fun and minimal stress holiday!


ps i hate touting a drug so soon into use (1 mo + earlier 21-day trial), but it immediately made a difference. god, i sound like a drug rep.

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