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Effexor & Wellbutrin

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I am on the most stimulating cocktail and I am still sleepy most of the time. Biologically how can this happen??

Been on effexor over a year 225mg, been on 300mg wellbutrin over a month. And my Dr is a clueless hag who has run out of ideas, so I end up making my own suggestions. ;)

i hear how frustrated you are.

was on wellbutrin and effexor for two years (300 and 225 mgs respectively). it NEVER gave me energy. i could still sleep all day if i so chose to. i was just as puzzled as you are, and my idiot gp and pdoc have no answers either.

maybe somebody here does, i hope for your sake. i'm getting off effexor now, starting lamotrigine, and my energy is waaayy better. maybe i'm just weird.

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