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Withdrawal symptoms- i feel horribble can you help?

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I'm assuming these are withdrawal symptoms because i just came off klonopin- back to ativan. pdoc figured since i've been on on benzo or another for so long and there is cross toerance, that and i went back to my ativan.i came off klonopin because of bad response- idon't know mixed episode, agitated deppression ( didn't know it could cause depression)

nausea, dizzy, chills come in waves. very on edge- startle way easily more than usual even,cry or mad at drop o pin.

nausea is the worst no vomiting judt feel like it consstanly- do i eat? do i not eat? what di i eat?

is there Anything in the world to make me feel better?? how long is this going to last? i'm supposed to look and act presantable for all these holiday parties . i don't know if i can.

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long term use of benzos and related chemicals DO cause withering depression. at least in my case they did. i went from my usual bombastic, fun loving, productive self into a suicidal, unable to do anything, reclusive, miserable waste for 6 mos.

i was desperate. ssri's, aap's, etc did nothing at all. 2 pdocs couldn't get it and kept on rolling pills at me. 3rd holistic guy had the answer in the first 15 mins-DROP the sleeping pills! they are depressantss!

shame on me because i am one of those hooples that tosses the patient warning paper, all the while trusting the prescribing doc to know the ropes: "what me worry" know now that i read the things head to tail.

have got to have a face to face with the opthomolgist that take care of my glaucoma. the timolol prescribed has depression listed as a side effect. same with one of the ingredients in astma inhalers that i use. gotta have a talk about that as well.

take a look for your self in the PDR or somewhere that you trust. do NOT trust that your pdoc is bright enough to make the comnnection. i rebounded in less that 48 hours after stopping the fucking ambien. this wise pdoc put up with my fighting him because i was terrified of insomnia jumping into my life again. i caved after the second visit and substituted seroquel as a sleeper. i have my life back!

if i had a genie, i'd have those benzo family tranqs shit canned for ever more.

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I'm assuming these are withdrawal symptoms because i just came off klonopin- back to ativan. .....

How much Klo were you taking, and what is your Ativan dosage? I have this handy chart (see attached - look at the equivilant dosage for each). If your plan is to cut down, I'd taper real slow (check out Dr Ashton's site on Benzos). Although she is anti-benzo, there is a lot of useful info such as WD sx, how fast to taper, what to eat, etc. I've been tapering for months now, with another month to go. Symptoms for me are general depression, lack of motivation, diarrhea, muscle aches, sore throat, dry nose...just feel shitty. There is no way around it, it takes a while (usually months) to get over the WD. If you are taking other stuff, it may help...I got a script for some mild pain killers for those days where I feel like total crap. Wish you well.


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