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my script hasn't come yet ...

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i called my pdoc almost 2 weeks ago for them to send me my script for dexedrine in the mail to drop off at my pharmacy. since i'm almost out and i don't see my pdoc for another month. and i was running low. it's what i normally do ... either get it in the mail or pick it up if i'm going to be going by there. it hasn't come yet. i've been rationing for the last week and now i'm completely out. of course it's sunday. i'm not sure if they're open tomorrow *CROSSED FINGERS THAT THEY ARE*. i should have called last week and dealt with the problem then, but i kept telling myself "it'll come tomorrow!" i was wrong. i'm kicking myself now.

and i feel weird. and looking at the first paragraph i wrote, i realize that i'm concentrating like a flea with add. not that big a deal since if it doesn't come tomorrow or if the office is closed, i can get the script on wednesday. but i feel fuzzy and incapable of doing anything. i've wandered around my house for most of the day so far doing this and that ... and that ... and completing nothing and feeling sort of lost.

bleh. :);) yeah, yeah, i know. :cussing:

makes me wonder what people used to think of me. what a complete space case. unless i was totally focused. HAH!

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