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ADs and heart disease AND Diabetes type 2

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Sorry to ask this for a friend, I sent her the link to CB, but don't know when she will get here.

She is 42 - has peripheral artery disease; has had two heart attacks (one she didn't even know she had), and also has type 2 diabetes. Plus, LOW blood pressure (within the normal range).

She and her doc want to try an AD.

Amitryptiline (sp?) made her REALLY sick - come to find out it should NOT be given to heart patients.

Celexa - MAJOR headaches, blood sugar drops to 3, almost coma level. Her GP didn't know til he looked it up on a handheld computer...he has dx'd this for many other people with diabetes and no problems. But again, he had to look it up as he didn't know this... ;)

Wisely, she has asked to see specialists in both cardio and endocrine areas. Most are booked up til March or so.

I saw Emsam here, looked it up, and it seems ok.

Does anyone here know an AD that works pretty well with both conditions? Her GP doesn't seem to be the one to ask....


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