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stupid stupid !$#%W$# spammers


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:cussing: :cussing:


i just fucking woke up like a half hour ago. i sit down and check my mail in between these fucking dry heaves i get every fucking morning now.

email says go see facebook. i go see facebook. somebody has sent me this lovely HUGE spam forward of pictures of a dead fucking baby that suppposedly has died of shaken baby syndrome (somebody else out there MUST have got this).


i am so fucking angry right now. i forwarded a really fucking nasty message to everyone on my facebook list to never ever fucking send me anything like that EVER again and i left the curse words in and everything even though it's mostly family i talk to there.

i wanna know why people do this????

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Someone on my lj friendslist once posted a picture of a dead little girl as part of a rant about the Bush administration. I took him off my friendslist.

I think some people don't understand the degree of emotional response that others can have to dead bodies, especially dead children, and especially if they're women of childbearing and/or parenting age. The latter was a large factor for me, I think.

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They think the "shock factor" will "wake people up" to their pet woe. I also hate fanatics like that. They are very much like the anti-abortion activists who stand out on the street corners with huge signs of aborted fetuses, in color, for everyone to see. I have, more than once, dressed one down for displaying those things in public where my children can see them. They informed me each time that, "We need to open people's eyes to the atrocities."


The difference between the activists on the streets and the ones sending the spam mail is that the ones on the street are out in the open, while the spammers can sit at their desks and hide behind the anonymity of email. Cowards.

AND the real tragedy is, most of the spam that people get with these horrific statistics and pictures are not true. At the very least, the statistics are skewed and the pictures manipulated to "prove the point". Sometimes the whole thing is made up and it's all about the "shock factor". Someone out there is having a grand laugh because they know that something they started is growing, even years after they sent it out. I always check these things out on snopes.com out of general curiosity. There are other sites too, but I like this one.

I'm sorry that you had to experience that, I hope you find out who sent it and give them a good talking to. I've had to deal with "well meaning" friends in the past too, and have been forced to take them off my list because I just couldn't take the emails - even after I told them to not send them to me anymore. Some people just don't listen. ;)

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thanks folks. it really is a shock tactic, isn't it? i wasn't really thinking of it that way... i guess i just can't imagine going to those lengths to get ANY point across.

it was just wayyy to much to see first thing in the morning... oh look, not only am i ALREADY fixated on the fact that the western world is horrible (because i'm a fucking nutjob mkay?), now i get to see up close and personal what that horror does to babies! why the hell would anyone want to bother with life looking at it through THAT lens all day???

i guess not everybody sees it through that lens.

now i feel worse about it because in my angry tantrum, i forwarded my ire to everybody. a few people took it personally and got upset (they've never sent me anything like that and they were confused and upset that i was screaming at them ;) ).

so far i've apologized to anyone who mailed me about it. i don't expect to hear from the portion of folks who do these things. if it means i never hear from them again, that's fine with me. but i feel REALLY bad about upsetting the other people who didn't deserve it :)

gee, maybe i should create some apology spam. with a graphic picture of my vomit, explaining to people the effects of Unwanted Ignorant Opinion Overdose. and how they need to forward that picture to everyone or else they're horrible people who deserve to have All Manner Of Bad Things happen to them.

*bangs head on desk*

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Lys, I have repeatedly told my friends and family not to send me "crap". Pictures of 1000lb people doing it in the shower (I don't care if the people in the pictures look like they are proud of their bodies, I still find it humiliating and demeaning), the chain letters (which cause me deeply paranoid thoughts), the stuff about jesus loving me (I really don't care and don't need YOU to tell me that in a forwarded canned email), dead bodies to prove a point (my favorites are the motorcycle accidents since I drive a bike), etc...you get the point...and nevertheless, I still get this crap from people.

My general respond is to find out who sent it to me and then spam the hell out of them...find every friggin chain mail that I can, ever 1000lb person pic, every jesus email, every dead body, etc. (you get the point!) and email them ad naseum all day long...but you see, I'm passive aggressive like that...and then when they inevitably send the "what the hell?" message...I tell them, "how many times do I have to tell you not to send me THIS CRAP???" and attach a copy of their transgression. That usually fixes the problem...and I usually don't here from them again...which is generally ok with me bc obviously the person never respected me to begin with.

It's a great way to get rid of the "dead weight" relationships in your life ;) .....or to straighten out the really, really good ones.

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I don't understand why people choose to forward such things; I don't understand why people take the pictures--or make them us as patheral notes. If they really were police or medical photos, I'd think confidentiality should apply. For those who compose such photos...pretty sick. For those who forward them, I think they must think that others share their voyeurism.

A few years ago, a number of "bleeding heart" causes I get mailings from tried such tactics. I'd get a snail mail from Amnesty International, PETA, some southern legal aid service.... Each featured a brightly coloured envelope (florescent orange, yellow, etc.) that had in BIG TYPEFACE that one was not too open the envelope, that it contained a disturbing photo. One "promised" an actual autopsy photo of a hate crimes victim, another of a draize tests on rabbits....(yes, I was stupid enough to open the envelopes because I couldn't believe such organizations had sunk so low.

I wrote up a letter which I sent to each INSTEAD of the check they'd wanted. I pointed out that I wasn't impressed by such appeals to guilt (the goal, apparently, was to make one feel so guilty if they succombed to opening the envelope that they'd be more likely to donate). I also pointed out that a lot of parents let their children open "junk mail" appeals, and that I'd be very angry if my child had been exposed to such a ploy.

Anyway, sorry to rant, a pet peeve of mine too.

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ugh those envelopes sound awful!

you did good writing them to let them know you didn't appreciate it - and especially warn them about kids opening "junk mail" (because that's true.... lots of people let their little kids open the mail they know they don't need/want).

i wonder if shock photos really have been effective for anybody. oh yeah the anti-abortionists. it does seem to get them somewhere.

- lysergia

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