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I can't just "sleep in another room"


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My brother is painting our house for us, as a favour and we only have to pay the cost of the paint. But he has this really anal retentive way of doing things "properly". I asked him to leave our bedroom till last so that we only had to be out of it for a couple of nights. He said he would, but then he rocks up today and says that he needs to undercoat the trim and cupboard doors.

I have trouble saying no when I know he has been at work all day and is giving up his free-time to do this job for us. BUT WHY THE FUCK CAN'T HE UNDERSTAND THAT I CAN'T SLEEP?! And that I can't just "move to another room" or "sleep at Mum's" or "stay on the floor or the couch".

I am chronically depressed and I have insomnia to boot. Most of the time, I need meds to sleep but I am pregnant and am currently going med-free. So not only am I not sleeping; when I am sleeping, I am not sleeping well. You know, because my legs ache and I have a baby in my belly and I am awkward and uncomfortable and hot and over-tired.

I can barely get a few decent hours in my own room. I have no chance in hell in getting sleep in a different bed/strange place/ different room/couch - whatever.

Fucking arsehole! No one goddamn understands what it is to feel so fucking tired all of the fucking time. And to now be forced to move out of my room and essentially wreck a full day of possible productivity (and subsequent days whent eh room finally gets done in bits and pieces) because he was too goddamn impatient to wait to do the entire room at once, in one weekend, at the end - fucking pisses me off.

I'm really tired.

I'm really uncomfortable and sore.

And now I am really angry and sad because I hate this so much.

I just want some sleep.

I just want to spend one day of my holidays not crashing out in complete exhaustion at noon and spending the entire afternoon slobbing about feeling terrible.




(/end rant)

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Bernard, when you are pregnant, you have certain inalienable rights. You have the right to demand all kinds of crazy things. Getting a good night's sleep isn't crazy. It's extrememy necessary. Put away your guilt and let him sleep on the couch. he will have to get over it if he doesnt' understand. Just be honest with him.

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