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argh! my fingers don't seem to be working well!

so i've been a little racy lately. and i think that my mouse is feeling that way right now. that's all i'm willing to admit to right now. tongue.gif

the last two weeks, i've been averaging something like 2-4 hours of sleep a night.

saturday morning, i went to bed around ... 4? 5am? i woke up around noon. i was awake-ish for about 2 hours nodding through episodes of heroes. i slept until sometime after 10pm (the king of queens was on. two episodes on the cw from 10pm - 11pm) immediately went back to sleep and slept until about 10am sunday morning. i went to the store, sat around, watched tv, surfed, read, wrote and went to sleep sometime after ... 10? maybe 11? can't remember. the memory is sort of fuzzy.

this morning, my many alarms went off ... about 10 different alarms (two clocks, two on one, three on my phone ... the two together snooze and go off over and over again as well does one on my phone ) and i had serious difficulty getting up. when i finally did get up around 8, i felt all kinds of fuzzy. i took a shower and went off to work. by the time i got to work, i realized that i had a pretty nasty headache, and that every noise and and light were painful.

i rode it for about an hour, squinting at every light and cringing at every sound, and i decided that enough was e-funky nough. i took a maxalt 10mg. migraine lessened a bit mins ... still naggingly there, but i could speak and see things and communicate fairly well - i guess the maxalt helped a bit and also made me not care as much. i did tell my two coworkers with whom i work most closely that i had a migraine and was mincing and working at the pace of a snail who is foggy. yes, and at the iq level of a snail.

after two-ish more hours. (i wasn't keeping that careful track of time. if you can imagine, i was a bit distracted) the migraine was creeping back in. i drank a half-gallon of water in the next half hour and hoped that hydrating would help. (i had been drinking water all morning, but not that that volume/hour) i rested during lunch in an empty conference room and just tried to relax and drink more water.

about two hours later, my head was still the home for a jackhammer, and i said screw it and took another maxalt. i've never taken two before in the same day. the bitch halted the jackhammer for a while, but started work again about an hour and a half before i left work. slowly though. she ramped it up like the little beast that she is.

by the time i got home, things were tolerable, but uncomfortable.

ah yes, here comes the dexedrine bit. sorry that took so long!

i take 20mg dexedrine am and 10mg after lunch every day. i didn't take any on saturday or sunday. i sometimes skip my afternoon dose on weekends, but i usually take my morning dose.

could that have caused my bitchy migraine today? i took my morning dose today, but not my afternoon dose. i didn't want to have too much going on in my brain at the same time. (i know there is a d/d interaction between maxalt and dexedrine - and celexa too for that matter). i took my lamictal and celexa on saturday and sunday, though later than usual.

;) what gives???????? i'm less uncomfortable now and able to think more clearly and i don't feel so muddy. but is this going to happen again tomorrow? is this some new weird side effect of something? is this some kind of withdrawl from not taking my stims this weekend? and if so, CRAP! should i lower my dosage? i've been on this schedule for about 8 months now. i've skipped it on weekends before with no problems.

oh, i also was down to 20mgs a day for a week and then 10mgs a day for a week because i hadn't refilled my prescription in enough time. i think i've been back on my normal dose for 2 weeks now.

or am i just getting sick and overthinking this whole thing??

that's probably it. :)

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