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So, I'm going to Vegas soon. [Which the entire boar must know by now. heh]

And I'm nervous. Nervous about the lights and the sounds and the people and the newness and the things that will be expected of me. I feel like that's the sort of place where there are a LOT of unwritten "rules". And I don't know what they are nor can I guess.

I do have a tendency to get a bit stimmy or non-responsive or confused when I get overstimulated. I'm just worried that people are going to notice that and I'm going to get into trouble or stand out too much or something.

You know? I just sort of wish I could deal with all that stuff too. I don't want to be with my mom and my sister and my sister's friend and start getting overwhelmed and then they feel like they have to baby me or something. Because that happens a LOT.

Um. I don't know what I'm trying to say here. Just toally out of my element. Too much newness. I just wish it wasn't such a huge step for me or something. And there isn't a situation in which I end up flashing to the world with a neon light "I"M AUTIE TREAT ME DIFFERENTLY"

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Ok, I'm guessing that you prolly don't drink...does everyone know this? If not, ask for a clear colored cocktail but don't drink it (pour it in a trash can when no is looking, fill with water). If you get fear that you aren't acting correctly, just blame it on the "alcohol" and don't stress - every body gets drunk in Vegas, baby!

Seriously - it's a HUGE party town - there are NO rules...the booze is free if you're gambling and people generally partake, liberally. A lot of people will be walking around confused - even normal people get overwhelmed by the blinking lights and the noise and bump into stuff (seen it happen a million times, so don't feel like a dork if it happens to you). It's also a huge tourist place and lots of people will be looking up and not paying attention to where they're going.

Vegas is kinda a shell shocking place. I think you are worrying too much about it...you will be ok...I imagine your mom and your sister know what your limitations are and you have an entire plane ride to tell them not to baby you. I'm willing to bet that your sis has already told her friend a little bit about you too, so that she doesn't become alarmed if your behavior seems off. Remember - you can always go back to the room - say you have a headache or something. Or go to the ladies room and splash some cold water on the insides of your wrists (this is very calming for me).

Hope I'm not being too pesky about my Vegas diatribes...I just want you to have a good time, not to build yourself up with stress so that you can't relax and enjoy yourself. If all else fails, the slot machines can be very soothing - repetitive action, in one single place. Good luck, I hope you have fun!!

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what AM said. i'm always slightly disoriented when i first walk into one. then i get used to it. um, will you have access to hotel pool and hot tub and sauna and stuff like that? that's how *i* destress...if nothing else, i take a hot bath with some kind of really decadent smelly bath bomb. it's also fun to find an out of the way corner, order a drink or good tea or latte and people watch.

they're not joking about Vegas having no rules. it's a big party town.

for me, the best thing is to always work quiet time into my daily schedule. the best way to do it (so as not to get grief from your traveling companions who want you to 'be on vacation') is to not hide in your room doing nothing, always have a decadent reason "i want to soak in a hot rose scented tub and order room service" "i want to take a good book/needlework and sit by the plaza at the Bellagio and watch the water" "i want to get a good book and a really good coffee and watch the people" "i just want to float in the pool and catch some sun".

btw, if you like chocolate? go to Ethel M. they are the BOMB. absolutely the bomb. you can buy them in the airport and also tour the factory if you want (girl time, anyone). ohgod are they orgasmic good.

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