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I am so glad to have found this site.I was searching around for some answers about my youngest (20) daughter's problems and found this great site.

I am 57, behave between 7-100 and take Nardil.

In the mid 80s I took Marplan for about 4 years which I loved because I could over work and live on 4 hours of sleep,this in turn burned everyone else in my life out.So I stopped and tryed the new prozac type of drugs which sapped any creative processes. after effexor for a few years which ended in depression maybe from that and situational junk i guit. Effexor helped thru our oldest daughters running away with a wanna be Manson and getting her self straight.

    After a  year or so I went to a new(and very disturbed) new doc,told him i felt best on M.A.O.s and started Nardil  which helps. the situation in the world is pretty damn bleak and wieghing that and some depression that is in me is who knows ?

I was black listed ( for real,not a delusion) almost 2 years ago and have been out of work which isn't fun.So I paint and paint which is what saves me. ;)

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Guest Guest_stipple_*

yup for real but it has to do with a bizz that is in turmoil,techy stuff in L.A.

  I don't want to explain cause it's too boring and complex.It's hard to not take personally even though it is rampant .I have tryed to co-misserate with people in L.A. but this is the town of fake smiles.

    I am not paranoid about it,if anything relieved to not have to work in the enemy camp.

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hi stipple,

probably a stupid question, but have you thought about venturing out and trying different meds? my impression is that you're more at a coping level than anything else with your life right now. that may easily be my misinterpretation though.

myself, after too many long years of major depression and anxiety i am finally responding to my meds (effexor 225 mg and seroquel 50 mg) and am feeling much better. a problem for me was kicking alcohol which i'd been self-medicating with to escape my depression-saturated life. i have done that now though and that along with my starting seroquel again as really helped me hugely. i had forgotten how it is possible to actually feel like doing something. anything. other than satisfying a primal urge, prodding the pleasure centre of the brain.

but now i am able to do so and am slowly taking back my life. so i guess i just wonder maybe if your meds are only holding you up at a coping level, perhaps a change might elevate you higher to a more happy, satisfying level.


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