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Animated button banner ad?

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I could bitch for hours about how I do all this stuff at work and a bunch of it I really have no clue about. About how I don't get paid enough to do A/P, A/R, Sales, Marketing, Website Management, HR, Office management and alllllll the other crap that inherently falls into my lap. The big joke (at least in my head) is that whenever someone says "WE need to do XYZ..." it actually means ME. The fact that my name is WEnde makes it very appropriate.

The new task this week is to figure out how to make a "button banner ad" to be put on a website. Y'know, one of those little ad thingys on the side of a page, that people are supposed to click on, but that never actually enters my own field of vision?? (Does anyone even look {and click} on that shit?????) It has to be small, 120 x 60 pixels and no more than 5K. We have Corel Photohouse, so I made a nice little box with the company logo on it. What I would really like to do is make it animated, so that it switches back and forth between our logo and some small thing about what we do, or a picture or something. How does one do that? I know how to animate in powerpoint, but I can't find anything about it in the stupid Corel program. I'm guessing you need a fancier program or something, which we really don't need to spend a couple hundred dollars for. We also don't need (or have) a tech company to do it for me. You know what our tech department is? Me, with a very confused look on my face. Sigh.

Soooooooo would anyone like to be a peach and tell me how to do this? Or be a SUPER DUPER POOPER SCOOPER PEACH and do it for me if I give them 2 small logos??? That's pushing my luck I know, but I have a shiny new nickel for ya'!

Really, if someone could just let me know how it is done and if I possess the capabilities to do so, that would be great.


The over-stretched and under-paid Gal-that-does-everything

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i've NO idea how to make an animated gif in any other program than paint shop pro. they've got a built-in animation creator for luddites like me ;)

i don't know if you have access to that program, but if not i hope someone here knows what else to do!


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