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im the new grrrl

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hello all! im new here and am thrilled i found a forum where im not the craziest one in the room! j/k..... well, i was taking 200 mg of seroquel and 20 mg of paxil but my dr. decided that my weight gain was getting insane!! so she switched me to abilify 10 mg and up'd my paxil to 40 mg. does anyone here know anything about abilify? will it make me gain weight as bad as seoquel? one thing i did like about seroquel was that it knocked me out, and i've had insomnia since i was a kid. so if any one has any info that would be fabulous..... was i supposed to write about who i am? i dont wanna bore any one so if you wanna know i guess just ask me and i'll get back to u......... thanx

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