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Hey, I think I saw an "aging issues" folder

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I'm not sure if the folder I saw is new, or has been there the whole time, but it says "Aging Issues." There's a few people there talking about their parents and that's about it.

I would love to get you all together there, (everyone who admitted to being 50+), and talk about things that concern us. Like, how extremely difficult it gets to keep a relationship after 50 if you haven't been married to that same person forever. If you both have a few marriages under your belt.

What do you think? Stay here or go there? Will you all come? What should we do?

People who expressed an interest:



Her Tommy

Velvet Elvis






Rocky girl


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Mellow, it is new. Good thread going about being ignored in our middle age. Can I come too? I'm 46 and I feel like 80.



Hell, Kablume, at 46 we could probably even swing an honorary AARP membership ;)

I'll definitely be checking in on the aging issues thingie.


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Guest Guest_stipple_*

  I am new and 57 but i can pass for 56 in low lighting conditions.

My wife (hate using my) is 9 years younger in other words she was 21 by the time i was a burn out.    2 daughters 23&20    3 dogs 1-12  ( 1 male,2 female) I allways wanted to be surrounded by beautiful females  but the old male dog won't talk about manly stuff like the birth of da-da-ism with me .

          I would have an affair but i can't afford a caterer ( please forgive me.i channel Henny Youngman sometimes or dead comics working the Catskills )

    Since this group looks predominately female i will feel at home and feel free to male bash because men are basically pigs and women are from Zimdar. ;)

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Sure you can come if you are under 50 but FEEL old!

Within reason, perhaps?  I certainly feel old (especially when my schools have been referring to me as a "mature student" for the past four years), but at age 22, I doubt I'd fit in. ;)

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