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Been off work now almost 2 weeks due to new bout of depression - I dont have a regular Pdoc - felt the need to see someone for some med advice, called the out patient clinic of my local hospital - was told 3 month wait on a waiting list to get in, told go to family doc or crisis clinic at hospital emerg. But was reminded it is a crisis clinic for crisis situations. I pondered my case and felt well it isnt really a crisis I'll wait. 2 hours later a wash of emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas came rushing in to my brain. I thought I'll present myself at crisis, tell them i cant work due to current depression - find myself over medicating with benzos to escape,(I know not good idea) and see what happens.

Anyway it is 5:00 pm, I think what will they do at such a late hour? Well, I go - emergency room packed - probably 50 people waiting and a dozen waiting to be triaged, which is the first step, I think Oh, Oh should of waited till next morning. Decide I'm here now go in for the long haul. I live in Ontario - Canada and we have an all public hospital system which is really strained at present, long waits for tests and treatments, hospitals underfunded. There is no private alternative here.

I sign in and am triaged in 15 minutes, tell them I need crisis clinic - I'm in distress from depression. (nothing suicidal though) Cant believe it! I'm wisked straight from triage to crisis interview room, all in the space of 25 minutes. NO WAITING with crowd. Crisis nurse comes in gets my details tells me no Pdoc present at this hour - medical doctor will see you and telephone Pdoc for consult. Med doc sees me does his thing, assess the need for a possible add on med tells me to wait. Low and behold crisis nurse shows up again with "GASP!" a Pdoc,

This Pdoc just happened to still be at hospital and agreed to see me, not only see me for like for 2 minute consult - she spends like 25 minutes listening to me, and gave me the greatest caring respect ever, it was one of my best Pdoc - patient meetings in 3 years. Blew me away! Very unexpected - Anyway she Rx me a new add on med (trazadone) to help me pull out of this enough to return to work.

Moral of the story: Unbelievable care from first nurse to Pdoc. I wasnt really in severe crisis, but still treated with sense of urgency and respect. Much better than waiting up to 3 months at out patient clinic. Anyway when I finally left there was still a good crowd in the waiting room, and I kind of felt guilty that I had just recieved such good timely care.

Out of probably 10 visits to the same crisis clinic, in the last 3 years this is by far the best, and to think I wasn't even going to go at first!

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wow, thank you for that. kinda restores my faith that there is some good care out there. and good for you, for doing what you needed to do, even though it took some courage.

i hope the trazadone's working for you and you're feeling better. let us know.


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