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Finally feeling better...here's what helped me

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I have been helped so much by these boards that I just had to post a thank you and tell some good news.

After turning 40, going through several stressful life changes, losing my Mom, husband having medical problems and losing a friend to cancer. I started having night time panic attacks. The first one scared me so bad I was sure I was dying of a heart attack.

Went to the doctor...was put on Effexor..yuck...it made me manic. Next I was put on Lexapro which had it's side effects, but the depression and anxiety went away totally! I was also given Xanax and put on Ambien CR for insomnia.

Tried to combat the side effects and switched to Cymbalta...again the mania came back. I can't seem to tolerate SSRI's that also effect norepinephrine receptors too. I went back on the Lexapro and did well for about 8 months. Finally the sexual side effects, weight gain and daytime sleepiness got to be so much I couldn't stand it anymore.

I weaned myself off and for a few months I seemed "cured". Then after another death, I noticed the night time anxiety coming back and I would wake up startled and feel really tense...it got worse to the point where I was taking Xanax daily.

I finally went back to the Dr. and I am happy to report I have been on Buspar 15mg for about a month now and I have seen a SLOW but steady improvement. The anxiety is almost all gone. I have also added Valerian root daily and I am not needing the Xanax at all anymore (thankfully I had no withdrawal from that).

My Dr. wasn't a big fan of the Buspar or the Valerian. I have read others who aren't either, but both have really helped me...with virtually no side effects. Sex is back to normal, I am losing some weight, and it is not sedating me during the day.

After researching my family tree, I realize that lots of women in my family have this as they age YUCK! With the good genes come the bad right? Maybe I will have this for the rest of my life, but at least now I feel hopeful that I can manage it. Right now the Buspar is working, but I won't hesitate to go back on the Lexapro (side effects be damned!) if I have to.

So, if you are reading this, have faith that with a lot of patience (and good insurance ;) ) the right treatment can be found. You are not alone and there is hope for what you are going through.

Keep Breathing,


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