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switching back to zoloft from cymbalta

Guest raj

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I was on Zoloft for years with no problem. When zoloft went generic I began to feel edgy etc. My doc did not thing the generic was any different from the brand name zoloft. He switched me to cymbalta which was fine except for sexual disfunction. I am switching back to Brand name zoloft. Tapering down on cymbalta and going up on zoloft over a two week period. I am a week in and am having deppressing feelings, feel edgy etc. Can this be cymbalta withdrawal? Or is switching just a hard period for a while? Has anyone had a bad experience with generic zoloft?

any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Raj, and welcome to Crazyboards. I hope someone will address your question, but you might want to repeat it up in the forum for antidepressants. Some members don't read these introductions, so your post will get more attention in the AD forum.

I can tell you that going from name brand Wellbutrin to the generic threw me for a loop, and it turned out that the generic one released the active ingredient in too short a time, so it didn't work as well as the name brand pill. I got my doc to return me to the original.

I have also been on Cymbalta, and had somewhat mild discomfort coming off it.

Anyway, I hope you will ask your question up in the AD forum.


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