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Switching from Cymbalta Back to Zoloft

Guest Raj

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I am Raj. I am new. I just wanted to ask. Well, I have been on zoloft for years without a problem until it went generic. A month after taking the generic, I felt a little edgy etc. My doc thought that it was not due to the generic so he switched me to cymbalta which worked fine except for sexual dysfunction.

I am switching back to BRAND NAME Zoloft from the cymbalta. Tapering the Cymbalta and going up on the Zoloft simultaneously. I am about a week in and feel some depressive feelings and a little edgy. Could this be from cymbalta withdrawal? Is the switching process just a hard time? Has anyone else had a similar experience with generic Zoloft?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

thank you,


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How long were you on the cymbalta? The side effects do get better after a couple months.

It can be brutal to come off of though, even when you're tapering back on to something else. I had a head full of poprocks for over a month.

I have been on cymbalta 60mg for 6-7 months.


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Guest cjcomptech

The withdrawls of this med are horrible. Within 2 days of not taking it I got brain zap when moving my eyes back and forth rapidly. After a few more days it will turn into brain zap just sitting there doing nothing. My mood got so horrible that I was labeled as having a bad attitude at work. My boss told me to go home because I looked so horrible. The brain zaps were causing me to twitch uncontrollably. After 8 days I could finally afford to get my script filled. No insurance=$6.80 per pill. I am thinking of taking my girls zoloft.

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