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What to try next?

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Hey all,

I been on zoloft 200/mg daily for about 6 years I guess, for OCD/Depression

recently added Topomax 200 mg/daily for migraines and also helped with my anger issues whcih worked out really good

also have klonopin 1/mg as needed for panic attacks, but hate to overuse that for fear of getting addicted.

but recently my depression for past 6 months has been getting worst and worst, OCD is up and down, have tried geodon, and never touching that again made me a zombie.

anyway going to see pdoc next week, any suggestion stay on zoloft and try something else? i don't want anything that will make me gain weight, that will only make my depression worst, never understood that about AD, what is the point of that. bad enough i gained about 25 lbs in last 4 months due to depression

maybe add to zoloft? or withdraw from zoloft and go on something entirely different?


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