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Should i worry more about this?

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I'm not sure if this is ... hallucinating, delusions or just anxiety, or jut being weird. It bothers me a lot, but i havent said anything about it because i feel that no one will take me seriously.

I hear people calling my name all the time, but when i look for them, there is no one there, or no one is looking at me. I also feel often that people are following or tracking me - which sometimes follows after they call my name but look away.

I smell things, and its so disgusting, and im sure its coming from me, but i cant figure out why i smell like that.

I fear that people are watching my house and will come in and attack me at night, or when my family has gone out, and i am home alone. Then theres thinking that people are behind doors and under beds etc.

This used to be strange to me, but now its just all the time and it bothers me but im not sure whether im suddenly disturbed about normal things or whether its actually bad and maybe more worried is worse or maybe i am just more worried.

Thing is, i'm actually feeling quite good. I have BP, and for most of the last 12 months i've been pretty seriously depressed, apart from a few small times of hypomania, and a weird time after starting antidepressants. thats where the 'schizo traits' came into my dx.

So now, i'm feeling quite happy. mood-wise i feel 'normal'. its such a relief. but all those things up there ^ they are the same if not worse. Maybe without feeling down i notice it more? its weird.

berry ;)

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anxiety is the kicker here, imho

calling name thing is weird. i feel like when it happens to me it's because another word is said, but my brain interprets it as my name

talk underlying anxiety over with your tdoc?

lamitcal is good medicine so you might not be processing painful things in your life because the brain chemistry isn't prompting you, that's why talk therapy is so important in conjuntion

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