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I am beyond depressed, I am do down in the gutter I dont know my bottom from my top. Last night I bawled my eyes out for 4 hours, no shit straight and I was so tired and so lethargic afterwards I just really didnt know what to do. I have a lot of reasons to be depressed, but this last week was really great, and I was still so very upset. I could be having a great day and at the end Iam still crying and super depressed, I have been on so many anti-depressants I just dont knwo what to try next, I am desperate I cant keep on like this, I have a 3 month old I have to take care of . I am really trying but it is just nto good enough and it doesnt help that my hubby comes home from works and goes straight to playing WoW, and doesnt even help me with my loneliness.

any suggestions? any meds that worked for you?

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i know in your other post you mentioned being depressed before getting pregnant. but IMO the kind of depression that comes after having baby can be completely different than regular "depression." thats my experience...maybe not everyone elses. but mine.

it took 9 months for your body to get ready and pop out a child. and in our society there are people who think after a woman has her baby - lay around for a week and then get back to work. uh, that rarely happens. who knows...it may take 9 months for your body and all the hormones to get back to where they were pre-baby. if that is even possible. so far, for me...it has not. but my dad also died during all this...so everything got all on top of each other.

you dont have to feel like this. i dont remember what (if any) meds you were on pre-baby. i would strongly advise for you to go to the doctor you feel most comfortable with right now...whether that be your obgyn, gp, or pdoc.

and if you are on any hormonal type birth control....you might wanna have that checked out as well. my obgyn said there was no way in hell he was gonna give me hormonal type birth control (he saw my "crazy" come out several times). if i was having sex (ha ha) i will use the spermicide gel stuff....thats what my obgyn said would be best for me. but for you it might be something else. and thats even if you feel like sex.

so go to one of your doctors and have them help you. if all they can do is refer you to someone else - thats fine. it will show everyone you are trying. Im all kinds of messed up at the moment... i hope you can find some a doctor type that can help you feel better.

much love,


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I think DB makes some good points: in the months after a baby is born, a woman's body is just flowing with all of the hormones that affect mood. I bet your whole sense of mental balance is out of whack from that.

You do need to see a doctor, very soon. You have a baby to take care of, so it's doubly important to get help. It may be that talk therapy would help a med change. Don't give up---there are so many meds out there that your doctor should find one that works for you.


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