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Panicked and starting new job

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Calm, breathe, you will be OK!

Do you know exactly what effects 2 ativan will have on you? Be careful not to over medicate yourself before you start or you may be causing yourself even more trouble walking through the door as a drowsy zombie on your first day! ;)

Try just to relax (I know how hard it is) and go with the flow. Hopefully you'll be so busy learning all your new duties that you will forget all about your anxiety and just coast through the day.

I hope all goes well.

Keep us updated!

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Yay, Lilie,

The dreaded first day... Ugh. But you got through it and can start to enjoy it and master it.  Enjoy the "honeymoon" and ask all the questions you can think of early and often. Everyone expects the new kid to ask a lot of questions.



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Bully for you for even getting a job. I'm too shit scared to even look for another job. I hate the one I have, but I'm a chicken shit.

You got through your first day just fine. Good for you. Pace yourself with the tranquilizers, the breathing (important) and expect good things to happen.

Do you want to know something? If you start your day with a written TO DO list, things have a way of bending themselves to meet that list. So now your TO DO list might have a lot of learn this and learn that, meet helpful people, avoid assholes. Write it down. It kind of preps your day. You write it at home and you can leave it there, so nobody can see it. It can't hurt you, but I know it can surely help you.

Blessings on you and your new job. Prosperity for you. Yay!


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