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Effexor at night?

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I take Effexor XR in the mornings for MDD and went up to 150mg after seeing dr last week.  Also taking Ambien at night - said every night for 1st week and then only when I need it. 

Problem is that I'm falling asleep during the day - it was minor on lower dosages and a can of pop could help me over the hump but now I have to lay down and sleep for 1/2 hour just to attempt the afternoon at work.  (work folks are really starting to lose patience with my MI)  I often lay down for a bit after work too and I thought it was the depression but I'm beginning to wonder...

I don't know if this is temporary or if I'm one of those people that Effexor puts to sleep.

Does anyone else get sleepy on it and therefore take it at night?

if so, what's the best way to make the switch?

I don't see dr again for 3 weeks and I hate to call because I'm sleepy.  Not much change in depression yet but that was expected, I hear (and read - everyone else here seems to post much better, so I read more than writing).

Thanks for any input,


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I take effexor at night. When first starting on it...im still tired in the morning and when my dosage gets changed. But the sleepiness goes away. One of them side effects.

I do notice that effexor interferes with my motivation (which is on the skits anyway cuz of the depression).

Talk to you Pdoc. He/She might tell you to experiment with the time.

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